Faith is trust.

Faith will grow as you draw closer to God. When we stay in prayer and keep our relationship growing with The Lord He assures us that when we are obedient our faith increases.

My biggest blessings and answered prayers don’t always come when I’m ready. But, since I’ve locked arms with Jesus I’ve been shown several times that He has me and if it’s His plan then at the right time it will happen.

A perfect example of this is a personal story of mine. I have a piece of paper stuck in the back of my bible dated


My relationship with Jesus wasn’t new but my faith started to grow stronger about this time. That paper reads “Dear Lord, help me to step out and lead as you will have me to, take away my fear of speaking to others about you.”

I had full heart on fire for God but I was a little scared to show it. That may seem silly but I couldn’t even pray out loud in public even with a few people in the room. When it came time to say a prayer and someone ask “who wants to pray?” I bowed my head and closed my eyes really tight, praying no one would call on me!

I continued to pray that The Lord would use me. He doesn’t give you talents and not expect you to fully use them. So, shortly after that the chance came up to lead a women’s group at my church at that time. A few pages away from that last note in my bible I wrote another prayer down “Lord, if this is what you’ll have for me then open that door.” He slung that door wide open and there I went.

Next thing you know I was organizing monthly meetings with the women in our church, leading bible lessons, planning events to grow our relationships from paint parties to providing for local needs in and outside of the church. That was when I felt my baby Christian self grow into a woman Christian and The Lord carried me and the load. Now I can pray out loud around others as a matter of fact I can’t wait to pray.


Shortly there after comes this blog, it is a way for me to express how Christ has taken the torch and lit my world on fire. There is zero chance that I would make it alone. If one single person grows closer to Jesus from reading this blog then my prayer has been answered. If hope is found for one person then my prayer has been answered. If one person turns from a life of sin and walks with The Lord then my prayer has been answered.

I love you, Jesus loves you, and you are worthy.

Have Zest and Have Faith.

Kristin Tate