Why is Easter Important?

March 28, 2018

Easter Sunday often reminds me of being 8 years old in a pastel knee length, brand spanking new dress with white panty hose and if I were lucky a wee little heel on my crisp white dress shoes. I can recall the smell of rolled back bangs adhered with Aqua Net, a dab of frosty pink lipstick, and spot rouge on my cheeks. MaMaw Peggie always made sure we were in our finest for Easter Sunday and Mama pulled it all together with hair and makeup. To this day, my 30-round about self still thinks I need a new Easter dress.

(my 80s girls, did you have a heel on your Easter shoes?)

It took me a few 20 years to understand the true meaning of Easter and no it wasn’t who grabs the prize egg at MaMaw Crimm’s house…
Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection are God’s preview to his final sacrifice for our sins. There is no other requirement for this forgiveness, Jesus paid it on Calvary, you owe nothing. All you have to do is accept it.
I believe each day is another opportunity to walk with The Lord. I recently was reminded that Jesus meets you where you are, you don’t have to start your relationship over with Him, just pick up where you left off because He wasn’t the one who stepped away, it was you. He will come running with open arms and greet you right there.

Your journey may be much like Peter’s when he went through the greatest failure of his life by denying Jesus 3 times, he realized it, asked for forgiveness on the banks of the Sea of Tiberius. Jesus met him where he was with an overflowing of love and acceptance.

Maybe you are like Abraham, he was on a roller coaster but he followed God’s command and left his family, friends, his job, home, and went to a land unknown by an unknown God, in Genesis chapter 12 it shows no hesitation on his part to obey God. Are you doing everything that the Lord lays on your heart in full obedience, with no questions asked?

Or do you identify with the prodigal son who hasn’t quite come home yet? Are you still living life for yourself, prideful, or rebellious?   Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son teaches us that in a world of broken relationships it shows us a lesson of deep love, hope, and a chance to come home. Just picture the moment of humility when the son realizes he can’t move forward on his own, he has to go home.

It’s not to late. Is there a relationship with Christ or someone that you severed and need to return to? Jesus gave us this story to encourage families and relationships. His plan for salvation is based on love, His love for each of us. He is standing there waiting for all of His children to come home.

His body hung there on a cross between two thieves. After he died his body was wrapped in lined, placed in a tomb, and huge stones were rolled in front. On that third day, early in the morning, Mary Magdalene and Mary came to find the tomb was empty. Sitting there was an angel of the Lord who told them not to be afraid because Jesus has risen. They hurried from the tomb to tell the disciples and Jesus met them, “greetings” he said, “do not be afraid, go tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.” Matt. 28

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation for us as Christians, without it grace is destroyed. When Jesus rose from the dead, he confirmed his identity as the Son of God. The resurrection was real, it is the physical and literal raising of Jesus’ body from the dead. The resurrection is also proof of future judgment, Gods justice will ultimately prevail. No matter who you identify with in the bible, there is still time to take up the cross and follow Jesus. “Old things have passed away…all things have become new.” 2 Cor 5:17
God can give you the strength to live a Christian life, have you accepted His gift?

While we enjoy the fun Easter brings, we must also remember why Easter is so important. Jesus died to pay the penalty of death that we deserve for our sin, was buried, and rose with a glorified body, and he gained victory over death and the grave.

If you don’t know Christ, you have questions, or you would like to talk about The Lord, please reach out to me or someone you trust. You may not be where you want to be, but realizing that and stepping forward to make a change is the best place to start.

Have Zest, He’s Alive & I’m Forgiven!






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