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December 1, 2017




          This post is sponsored by InComm with Wal-Mart as part of the #SaveMoneyGiveBetter2017 Campaign. All opinions are my own.

The year was 1990, I had on my slap bracelets, sideways pony tail, and tapered leg wind-suit pant/jacket combo. I can still remember the sounds and smell of buttered popcorn as we walked into the movie theatre in Jackson, MS.

It was my first time in a theatre, my brothers and I were there for the first showing of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That was also the same year that I fell in love with Vanilla Ice. I had “Ice Ice Baby” on a tape and would rewind it a million times a day while I practiced my Roger Rabbit moves.

Memories of that day and that time stay with me, those were the good old days.

The first movie my husband Cliff and I watched together in Meridian, MS, it was Talladega Nights  in August of 2006. My style changed a bit but my love for the smell and taste of movie popcorn stayed the same, I may still have had the sideways pony!

“If you ain’t first, you’re last!” -Ricky Bobby

Six years later it was time for us to take our first-born, Xander to watch a movie. We went to see Disney’s Planes, he was 3 years old. Xander loves going to the movies now and it something we all do as a family now with our 4-year-old, Meraleigh too.

Tis’ is the season where we are in the feels. Sounds and smells of remind of our childhood. Christmas lights and music put a skip in our step.

Give the gift of a movie card to someone special in your life, provide them the gift of starting a tradition and instilling lasting memories in their hearts.
While you’re making the grocery list for your holiday feast go ahead and mark a few names off of the list by stopping by the huge gift card display at Wal-Mart where you’ll find a card for everyone.

In the craft department I grabbed these chalkboards and a few isles over I got these ornaments and reindeer clips.

Add your own unique saying to the chalkboard and personalize it for the one you plan to gift it to.

Here are a few other gift card giving ideas:

DIY Gift Giving For The Holidays: Vanilla MasterCard

Easy Spa in a Jar: Spa Week

Dinner and a Movie Gift Basket Idea: Red Robin

As the saying goes “it’s the thought that counts” that is true when giving a gift card. It’s the thought behind personalizing a gift card for the one who will receive it. The movie lover in my life will be tickled to get this bundle for Christmas and I can’t wait to hear about their trip and the memories that were made!
Three gifts for our loved ones for under forty dollars!

Don’t forget about the ones in your life who make a great impact. Policemen, UPS and Postal Service workers, Teachers/School Nurse, sweet lady at the restaurant who always wears a smile, grocery bagger, or cheerful carhop who always brings your large water with lemon, lime, and strawberry!


How will you make shopping more convenient this year so that you will have more quality time with the ones you love most?


Have Zest and Save Time This Season!

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