A Pearly Mess

June 21, 2016


Saturday seemed like perfect day for me to pull my summer box from the attic, out with the sweaters and in with the strappy dresses!


I was glad to spend a few hours organizing my closet, in my mind it looked like HGTV came but in real life it is just a mama closet where my everyday stuff hangs hoping to still fit.


There was a slight breeze Sunday morning, I grabbed a bright yellow cardigan to pop over my strappy dress.
As we were on the 4th stanza of Holy Holy Holy I felt my strap pop in the back. My face was still smiling and singing but in my mind I looked like a donkey chewing on barbed wire. Panic mode.


I was never more thankful for a breezy morning that called for a cardigan than I was right then.


What would the folks on the fifth pew think if all of a sudden they saw the last few threads on my dress break loose like a southern mama on opening day of the county flea market.


That’s one of my favorite dresses so when I got home we headed to the sewing room. As I stitched my dress back to life I looked over and noticed my thread box looked like someone with sun in their eyes organized it. I lined my colors and noticed one almost perfect spool of pearly white thread.


Then I noticed a ball of thread that looked like my 2 year olds hair after a good night’s sleep.


 (ball of mess…Meraleigh’s hair)


Through social media, we everyday people have a way of making things seem like a pearly, perfectly lined spool of thread. But, in real life or on the inside we feel like that ball of frazzled, uncut, all out of whack mess. It can be so tiring trying to appear perfect. Keeping our homes clean, making Pinterest dinners/crafts, making sure our body stays in the muffin category instead of the busted can of great value biscuits category.


There is middle ground! Humility and balance, we have to be aware that at some point we are all the perfect thread and the one that is a pure mess.


Through Christ we find balance.


We have to value our flawed self and our flawless self. By accepting both and knowing the truth through Gods word, then we can see the light within ourselves that both are totally normal ways of life. Let’s not set ourselves up for disaster, let the perfect moments be what they are and also accept the mess.


“A false balance is an abomination to The Lord, but a just weight is his delight.” Proverbs 11:1


So, shine in the frazzled times through your personal relationship with The Lord just as bright as you do in the perfectly placed times.


Don’t let social media be at the forefront of unattainable expectations.


Start your day with The Lord and allow Him to be the one you impress and let Him be your balance.


Have Zest and Be a Pearly Mess!


-Kristin Tate


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