Clean as you cook…

January 21, 2016





Clean as you cook



Growing up it was my job to make the cornbread for supper. One of the many things I learned in the kitchen with my mama was to clean as you cook.


It wasn’t until it was my night to do the dishes that this really set in. We didn’t have a fancy dishwasher to load, we had Will, Michael, Kristin and Brian to clean the table and hand-wash dishes.



 If you tidy the kitchen as you go then it makes the after dinner cleanup much more pleasant.



Much is the same for our Christian walk.


I don’t know about you but come Sunday I’m ready for a refill of the Holy Spirit.  I’ve just about choked a kid, elbowed a random at the grocery store, and most likely I’m rolling around with one hair in my ponytail.


But, if I take time at the beginning of each day and give it to The Lord then I’m able to have a much more enjoyable day and so are those whom I come in contact with.




Are your thoughts positive? Do you have the right attitude?


Think of Jesus, what type of outlook did he have?



He was humble with a great attitude. Preaching the good news was always on his mind and the good news should be on our minds.



The bible tells us to pray all the time. 1 Thes 5:17 “pray without ceasing.”



Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus is something we can practice daily. Throughout the day take moments and talk to God, thank him for the big and small blessings and prayers that have been answered.


Ask for what’s important to you. Stay connected.




If we clean as we cook then we won’t have such a mess to tackle after supper and if we stay fixed on The Lord then our hearts and lives won’t be such a mess at the end of the day.



Pray as you go and Have Zest!

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