Where do you go when the going gets tough?

May 28, 2015
I’m not sure about you but most of the time I think I have it all together but, let a few things get out of line like…a messy house, looking up and my smallest has stuffed all the food she didn’t want into her shirt, or the bagger at Kroger puts my chicken with my strawberries and quickly my donkey side starts to seep out.
A little more on the serious side though, where do you go when the going gets tough?
What do you do when things seem to heavy to bear, when your not sure if you can do it, when you’ve been hurt by someone, when you are scared, when you’ve lost someone, when someone has betrayed you, when a relationship takes a left turn…
Where do you go?
Do you give up, run, hide, turn the other cheek, hide under the covers, gossip, or do you seek God?
Romans 8:18 tells us “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”
Now I’m not sure about you but that verse is pretty reassuring to me, no matter what I am faced with God will always make sure that true glory will shine and be revealed in time.
Have you ever been in the middle of your trial or storm and almost gave up but instead you held steadfast to God’s promise and when the storm settled you were able to look back and thank Him and then say silently to yourself “wow, He saw me through that just like he said he would, so glad I didn’t throw in the towel.”
I have those moments all the time, the more my faith matures the more I know that whatever I have on my plate it will be okay, it may not seem like it at the time but He has never failed me, not even once and He won’t now.
Aren’t you a little more comfortable when you tell your problem to someone and they are able to say “oh you are facing that, so am I?” isn’t there just something about someone else dealing with what your dealing with comforting?
Did you know Jesus has been there too, just because he lived 2000 years ago doesn’t mean He didn’t face the same things we do now. 
Pain, suffering, confusion, financial strain, loss, and so much more. Just like the old saying goes he has “been there and done that” but the difference is he did it for you and for me.
Your trials have a divine purpose.
How will you handle them?
Have Zest and Turn to God

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