Mama Bird

May 4, 2015
Before baby birds hatch the mama communicates to them by sending messages through the egg. This process is much like us a mothers carrying our babies. We are already talking, singing, reading and praying for our unborn long before we meet them.
I ran into a birds nest where I was actually able to stand by and watch as the mother bird fed them. To watch those baby birds sit and chirp helplessly as their mama gently placed food into their mouths was amazing. To see the work that went into that nest is a wonder in itself.
Much like us we work hard to provide a safe environment for our babies but no matter what we do we can’t help the inevitable.
(the little nest I was spying on)
My mama bird instinct kicks in all the time, whether it’s knowing when my baby girl is silent that she is most likely squatted down hiding somewhere covered in lipstick or when my son hasn’t checked in he is usually forehead deep in mud hole somewhere.
We just tend to know when something isn’t right.
Between what I’ve watched on the news, seen on social media, and the fears I have in my own mind I’ve wondered…how am I to always protect my kids, how can I know they will choose the right friends, and how do I know the temptations of the world won’t get to them?
I would like to believe they will come to me and that I can always keep them safe but the reality is we live in a fallen world and the devil is on the prowl.
I was feeling helpless after realizing how tiny my little corner of the world is and no matter how badly I want to stick my children in a bubble the truth is I can’t and the things they will see and hear are too much for me but they aren’t too much for God. He doesn’t guarantee our children will turnout okay and he doesn’t say that by following him we are free from trials but what he does say is that it’s His, so give it to Him.
Let go of it, it’s too heavy for you and He has it. We are small and God is mighty!
I found this from Mark Batterson, Praying Circles around Your Children
“You don’t have to do everything right as a parent, but there is one thing you cannot afford to get wrong. That one thing is prayer. You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent. Prayer is your highest privilege as a parent. There is nothing you can do that will have a higher return on investment. In fact, the dividends are eternal. Prayer turns ordinary parents into prophets who shape the destinies of their children, grandchildren, and every generation that follows.”
I know I was prayed for as a child and now I’m a mother so I know the pains, worries, and concerns my mom felt, she just didn’t have pinterest, facebook, and great mama blogs to assure her she wasn’t the only one feeling these mothering pains.
But, she had God and so do I.
If your struggling with parenting or know someone who is do something and pray for your children or whomever is on your heart’s children.
Don’t ask what you can do, choose something and do it.
This mama thing isn’t always easy but thank the Lord we don’t have to do it alone.
Have Zest and Be a praying parent!

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